NFL Notes – Week 1

NFL Week 1 Notes

Dom Steve
Texans at Chiefs
  • See the Chiefs winning but game underwhelms
  • Maybe some late 4th quarter fireworks.
  • Just want to watch and learn and not risk losing money
  • Should be good barrometer
  • I think Brandin Cooks has a good year in Houston and he scores as Houston takes the lead first.
  • Lack of home crowd for the defending champs is a problem for Kansas City early.
  • Mahomes clicks in the second quarter — game has a similar flow to the playoff game where Houston jumps out early (13-0) and then KC just roars away.
  • CEH scores 1.  Mahomes rushes one in.  Mahomes throws one to a TE not named Kelce.
  • Chiefs win 30-20, Texans get their second TD late after a long scoreless drought.
Bears at Lions
  • This game could have offense in it.
  • Similar game to last year on Thanksgiving
  • Kenny G scores out early but the end product doesn’t justify it.
  • Kerryon Johnson screen TD
  • Allen Robinson has 8 or 9 catch game, if anyone scores Anthony Miller does.
  • Detroit wins by 4, 27-23….
  • I want this game to be good – I just think it flops
  • Just a lot of garbage on the Lions side.  Don’t trust anything offensively.  In a week you want to find sneaky games this one feels like a trap.
  • Lions win.  19-16.

Browns at Ravens OU: 48

  • Browns will cover their season wins, it won’t start with this game.
  • They will start the season 0-1.
  • We’re going to need a RB on the Ravens.
  • Ravens rush for 200 yards (Lamar 1 TD), could be J.K. Dobbins.
  • Mayfield winds up throwing 2 TD as they are playing from behind.  He shows some good….  Thinking who he throws it too (says not Landry)
  • Could definitely see Austin Hooper catching a TD (his only one this year)
  • Mayfield throws for 280 yards and 2 scores, in consideration.
  • Love the Browns.
  • Jarvis Landry does that thing where he catches a crosser and takes it deep.
  • Beckham catches a bomb.  Landry has a very good 7-113 type day.
  • Baker Mayfield throws 2 TD, throws 280+ yards.
  • Browns are a stack.  Baker-RB-Landry-OBJ
  • Maybe a TE for the Ravens scores.  Not sure I like them much.
  • Lamar Jackson doesn’t have a good rushing game but I can see him rushing one in if the game stays close.

Packers at Vikings

  • Dom is gonna be bold.  Vikings win 16-13.
  • Vikings defense is in play.  This is NOT the Packers year.
  • All the pre-season for key Packer players will be justified immediately in week one.
  • Davante Adams has a heavy catch game that results in nothing.
  • 8 or 9 catches for 80 or 90 yards.
  • Packers look like shit but Vikings dont play well either – defense shines & a couple of turnovers.
  • Of all the games with no fans in week one, this one feels the most out of place….
  • I don’t like how the Packers ended their season last year.
  • Adam Theilen scores, maybe twice.
  • But that’s it.  He doesn’t dominate the stat sheet, just gets the touchdowns.
  • I can see Dalvin Cook going over 100 yards but he needs a couple big runs.  Don’t think he scores.
  • 23-6 Vikings win.  I’ll side with the better head coach.

Colts at Jaguars (Fans) OU: 45

  • Colts play close to vest and they win by two touchdowns.  24-10.
  • Not Jonathan Taylor.  Either Mack or Hines catches screen for TD
  • Not going to want anything on the Colts because they are so evenly spread and now they have weapons & they will ease Rivers into safe and successful game plan against inferior opponent.
  • Shenault 6-80 and a touchdown and he is the rookie you wish you had.
  • But Jaguars get fricken waxed….
  • Colts shut everything else down.
  • Colts win.  Colts might win big.
  • Jacksonville smells like this years Dolphins – the team everyone scores 40 points on because they are so bad on both sides of the ball.
  • Colts play slow though so it doesn’t feel right but there’s magic in the Colts, I don’t know who is really the play but this is where some sleeper WR who is going to be really good in fantasy breaks out.
  • Michael Pittman Jr!   5-86 and a TD.  A very solid afternoon.
  • Rivers has a great game.
  • Colts score 40.

Raiders at Panthers OU: 47.5

  • Like better fireworks in this game.  How do you not like Josh Jacobs.
  • Renfroe 6-50-TD.  Jacobs scores.
  • Curtis Samuel scores
  • CMC gets 180 total yards and no score.
  • Dom likes Jacobs better.
  • Vegas wins (Vegas always wins).
  • Raiders win and come in with some offensive spark.  Derek Carr does well first 6 or 7 games every year.  Come out with 240+ yards, 3 TD.
  • 30-21 or 30-24, Raiders win.
  • Maybe Ian Thomas scores or some no name for Bridgewater to score.
  • Has to be a chalky DFS game.  I don’t like either QB.
  • Panthers rush D better at home – does that trend continue?  If not, Josh Jacobs.
  • Probably locking in CMC and moving on from here.
  • Matt Rhule factor has me confused.
  • Tyrell Williams (big receiver) is the OAK receiver.

Dolphins at Patriots

  • Dom thinks you have to like this game too.
  • Early season Fitzmagic?
  • Miami wins.
  • Patrick Williams TD
  • N’Keal Harry does not do it on the other side.
  • Cam Newton looks average at best…..
  • 17-13 Miami… maybe no fireworks in this game.
  • Ryan Fitzmagic vs New England?
  • Next.
  • No love at all.  Curious to see if New England D plays well though.
  • Hell no I’m not touching Cam Newton despite this being an obvious Cam game.
  • New England wins.

Jets at Bills

  • Bills win
  • Do it on the ground as well as John Brown catches 6 or 7 or 80 yards.
  • Not a Diggs game.  Beasley 4 for 50
  • They run two in – Zack Moss scores
  • 2 rushing TD and Josh Allen finds someone on a short one (J.Brown), 7 yard touchdown.
  • Jets look completely dysfunctional – especially on offense (going south big time this year).
  • Tre White pick 6
  • No clue.

Eagles at Redskins OU: 42.5

  • Redskins cover
  • Tery McLauren, Terry McLauren — hold the phone
  • Yeah I guess he isnt going to do it this week … Because Darius Slay will be covering him.
  • Philly wins at the buzzer with a 3 point field goal (won’t be Ben Simmons)
  • Washington TE?  Who is second WR?
  • Two Washington touchdowns through the air.
  • Both Eagles TE score.  But don’t expect them to have huge games.
  • Redskins win
  • Both teams show that their defenses are better than public perception
  • Terry McLauren does score, but it’s not a 100 yard receiving day.  He does score though in the second half.
  • Haskins isn’t very good.
  • Washington defense plays well though.  Washington D wins the game.
  • Not liking Wentz at all in this game.  Nor Ertz.
  • Low scoring game.

Seahawks at Falcons OU: 49

  • I think Seahawks win 24-21
  • Tyler Lockett has a good game and is in consideration for optimal lineups. Break 100 yards and get a score.
  • Wilson has 2 TD, not sure how they get their third one.  One to Lockett and he has a really good day.
  • Todd Gurley has a mediocre performance, shows health and optimism.
  • Calvin Ridley is probably the highest performer but not a must own.
  • Ridley is prototypical example of premiere on road and secondary at home.
  • 40 to 50 yards and a score….
  • Russell Gage scores, Julio does not.
  • Love for it to be blockbuster just don’t see it.
  • But it’s not Seattle
  • Todd Gurley has his best game of the 2020 season.
  • Todd Gurley
  • How does one not love DK Metcalf though?  Big WR vs Atlanta.
  • I assume Russell Wilson is one of chalky QB’s this week.

Chargers at Bengals  OU: 47.5

  • Dom likes Chargers defense
  • Burrow as good as he is does not have a great first game.
  • Can’t like anything on the Bengals side of the ball.
  • Hunter Henry game.  85 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Austin Ekeler gets 100 yards combined, rush and receiving.
  • Final score 24-6.
  • WTF …
  • Lack of continuity trap game?
  • The names sound cool but the game logically doesn’t.
  • Bengals are a bad team that plays better than expected week one.
  • I have no idea.  If this game does me in then so be it….

Cardinals at 49ers – OU: 47.5

  • There is a route that can be ran and it will be Christian Kirk who catches a long one.  Won’t have an overall game so he has to seize the opportunity.
  • Don’t know how Arizona is going to stop them?
  • No must own DFS play on the San Francisco side.
  • At the end of the day Kyler Murray has 250 + 100 rushing and 2 scores, he has a top 5 day….
  • Technically George Kittle should have, just dont see it.
  • Arizona gave San Francisco fits last season, this is a good close game.
  • This is the better of the two 4PM games for DFS
  • Christian Kirk is the Cardinal that scores & has lots of production…
  • Kyler has a pretty good game (2nd year QB?)
  • Not loving the San Francisco side per say, could see Jimmy G having a better than people project game.  WTF are the receivers???

Bucs at Saints – OU: 49

  • Kamara game right out of the gate.  Does it through the passing attack.
  • Has 8 or 9 catches in this game.  Breaks 100 yards (110 to be exact) and a score.
  • Manny Sanders is the moving the chains guy.  6 for 80.  or 6 for 60, he moves the chains…
  • Mike Evans catches a jump ball touchdown, how far, how deep, he catches a jump ball touchdown.
  • Assuming Godwin is highly recommended because of a volume catch perspective but not liking the game very much.
  • Each offense holds ball for long time….
  • Like Kamara … Not gonna play Evans despite TD
  • Saints win the game 26-17.  Maybe 26-20.
  • Both defenses score
  • Janoris Jenkins pick 6 / Jared Cook fumble, recovered for a Tampa touchdown
  • Not Taysom Hill, but Jameis Winston throws a gimmick play against his former team, to Deonte Harris for a 45 yard touchdown.
  • All the vulture touchdowns in this game.  All of them.  It likely finishes around 27-23 as the final score, but it’s all spread around and all vulture spots.  Every DFS player in this game gets you a blah score.
  • Brees plays really well.

Cowboys at Rams (SNF)

  • Rams win.  Rams roll on offense.

Steelers at Giants (MNF)

  • Like high scoring back and forth game even though Steelers defense is very good.
  • Explosive game.  Giants come out with fireworks in first half but Steelers shut them down late.
  • Like both QB.  Ben on Monday night even on road?  Gotta like this game out of the three primetime games this week.

Titans at Broncos (MNF)

  • Ew.