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Well hello there.  I have looked at the upcoming MLB schedule way too much already and I am excited to get this thing underway with a full 162 game season again.  With that said, there’s no reason for me not to be up front now about the content schedule that you should be expecting from now up to the regular season and then in the regular season.  So here you go with a full break down as of now for the intent on when you should expect certain content out for the season.

I have my usual Spring Training / Season Preview content that is a little delayed right now but will still be wrapped up before the season begins.  Here’s what is left to come.

The AL West and AL Central division previews are completed and up on the site under MLB -> Dongers Club already.  The following division previews will be released as such

  • AL East & NL East:  Friday, March 26th
  • NL Central and NL West:    Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, March 28th

Then we get into the really good stuff as the first week of the season is upon us because honestly the divisional previews are just for those putting in some season long win total bets.

  1. Monday, March 29th – 2021 Dongers Club Stadium Review Special — including the all 2021 free agent stadium team.  You will want to read this.
  2. Tuesday, March 30th – The Dongers Club Manifesto — including a rant on Fanduel.  Should be fun.
  3. Wednesday, March 31st – Official Dongers Club Predictions for 2021 (the ones I don’t cover in the Manifesto of course)

In case you have been living under a rock, April 1st (which comes after March 31st since you are under a rock) is Opening Day.  That’s when we get this thing started up for good.

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Those who have followed me for a while know that I’m here start to finish and into the first couple of rounds of the playoffs.  In the past I have always had a bad habit of making sure that I write content for every single slate — not taking any days off and I’m pretty much the only person you’ll find who is doing that.  But there is a downside to that personally and so I have wanted for the past couple of years to pick a certain day of the week to not write articles.  So I have decided …

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And thus, I’ll still be writing content every damn day so long as …

A)  The MAIN slate is four games or more (*** I might bend this one slightly on a terrible five game slate in August ***)

B)  I am not dead or tending to a family emergency

C)  Aliens … Always, Aliens.

The article will always focus on the MAIN slate.  For the cases where we have a so-so early only slate on a Wednesday or a Thursday and especially a Saturday you can definitely utilize the Dashboard, which is the whole point of it.  Or you can rest assured that I’ll have some input to post into the discord/chat.   On the better/bigger ‘Early’ only slates I’ll do a full write-up.  This will happen more often on a Saturday once the weather is warm we have those nice Saturday afternoon slates.

Sundays?  I live for them.    Mondays?   Quietly one of my better days?   Fridays?   The best.   GIFtastic Fridays?   They’ll come, be patient.   Random Tuesdays?  Yep.   Hosmer Wednesdays?  Why not?   And then there are those Thursdays.  Sure.  We got em along with Saturday’s too!   The Dongers Club does not take a day off after missing out on so many games last year.

Articles posted 2+ hours before lock.  Majority of the time if we have a 7:05 PM lock then you can expect that article to hit between 4 and 5pm.  Sunday mornings will be delayed a little bit but usually all wrapped up by 11am and all content notifications go out to Discord automatically.

I’m really stoked for the season to provide a clean (as in no ads, can’t promise you the content will be PG), entertaining and easy to read Dongers Club for you that will help anyone who is looking to add an extra layer to their Baseball research.  Whether you need a different angle on things, someone to help when you are in a rut, or you just want to come and laugh at whatever I have to write for the day, I welcome everyone along for the 2021 MLB journey.  Because as we learned last year and we may unfortunately have to deal with in 2022 — life without Baseball just plain ole sucks.

We are one week away.

Take it away Freddie …



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