Sunday Morning Coffee Ambush

So I am doing a Sunday morning review of everything once again and there was enough information that I came across which I wanted to share as an additional play/pivot today.

In the Week 14 Ambush I mentioned how Dak Prescott was the player who was getting overlooked this week.  He currently sits #1 among all Quarterbacks in the model and is obviously someone who I expect to have a good game against a bad pass defense in Washington.  But it goes beyond Prescott being low owned because a low owned Quarterback means absolutely nothing in DFS.

What means a lot are the low ownership plays at WR and RB who can produce similarly and the ownership projections I am finding for this Cowboys-Washington game scream that we should be jumping on this spot.

Antonio Gibson has seen his usage rightfully go up with J.D. McKissic out and he is currently projecting as the highest owned player in this game, but it is a spot that I would most certainly want to attack over trying to stack the Chargers who are in a HORRIBLE spot this week as I outlined in the Ambush.  And in terms of games which we could project to be extremely competitive and back and forth this is the best one out there.  So load up on a Cowboys/Washington stack.

Game Stack of the Week

QB – Dak Prescott

WR – CeeDee Lamb / Amari Cooper

WR – Terry McLaurin

Alternatively, if you feel Washington is the better side (I don’t) you’ll get a nice discount going with Taylor Heinickie over Prescott and would plug in Gibson along with McLaurin and just 1 Cowboys WR.

Who is the bad chalk?

It remains the Chargers for me.  This should be a game which has a very slow tempo and one that the Chargers are going to want to get over with given they have a quick turn around next week.  I would not play anyone from the Chargers and still think that the Giants are going to cover, if not pull off the upset.

Recapping the Ambush Week 14 Plays

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills remains my favorite play on the slate with the two other best games being 49ers-Bengals and Cowboys-Washington.

The 49ers are mostly George Kittle still for me but with Deebo Samuel definitely in we have to downgrade him slightly.  Ja’Marr Chase is going to catch a touchdown, you should have him OR Stefon Diggs in your lineup as WR1.

Travis Kelce gets the nod over Tyreek Hill, pair him with Josh Jacobs from the Raiders.

Terry McLaurin is getting overlooked in the DAL-WSH game.

Don’t eat the Seahawks cheese.

Good luck this week!




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