DFS Tools

I am pleased to share my personal DFS Dashboards that are used for you the player to help see my custom projections and ratings on a daily basis.  

These automated and user friendly interfaces are included in the full subscription and we have a custom home grown optimizer that you can use to build lineups and export them into your favorite DFS site.

Player Driven Site

Unlike other ‘Tout’ sites or ‘Big Corporate’ DFS/Fantasy web sites I am not here to so only what sells.  If you have feedback you are welcome to share it and make suggestions/requests.  While I won’t necessarily agree or take action on every little request I am going to listen and try to provide what the DFS player wants.  

All subscription costs are merely for the infrastructure and for my time.

DFS Content

I am bringing my DFS/Fantasy content to my own home site.  The Dongers Club (MLB), The Slap Shot (NHL) and The Ambush (NFL).  In addition to my three main sports I will have expanded coverage for other sports (College BB/FB), GOLF, NBA and possibly more.

This is the new exclusive home for the content mentioned above.