What is the AMBUSH NFL DFS Article?

We embark upon another NFL season and I am very much looking forward to unleashing this years version of the weekly Ambush article to cover every NFL Main Sunday slate, as well as the Thanksgiving and any Saturday slates this season.  If you are unfamiliar with how my Ambush NFL article style is presented then stay tuned for it to come this Saturday when it drops at it’s regularly scheduled time of 3PM EST every Saturday afternoon.  Sometimes it might drop sooner, but almost never is it released after that and in the event that you check at 3PM and you don’t see it then panic that I might be sick, dead or hungover — because punctuality is very important to me with the MAIN slate article each week.

The other thing which is important to me in my article is to not give out BAD advice.  Everyone in DFS content and advice space is more than willing to open their mouth and make a “could” or “maybe” comment in regards to players and what you wind up with is a listing of 17-20 different Quarterbacks broken down into so many tiers that you begin to wonder why the analyst isn’t dissecting the attractiveness of the Quarterbacks wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever in terms of player recommendations.  Although given Patrick Mahomes relationship status and his quality talent of play we can most likely be assured that this isn’t that big of a factor when deciding Quarterbacks.  Then again if Zach Wilson comes out as the next great QB then we might reconsider an “attractive Mom” category — but I digress.

The Ambush is intended to avoid giving bad plays.  In NFL DFS, you will find that you are going to cash each week or have a shot at cashing simply by avoiding mistakes.  While this approach isn’t going to turn you into a millionaire, it does generally put you in the best position to have legit success — which by the way does not involve asking how you can win the milli-maker each week and if you are here for that kind of advice then press control-w right now on your keyboard because I want to win you 10x each week, not 1.5x.

So the Ambush covers everything you need to know about the DFS slate + My Ambush Plays and then the top overall plays each week.

When I say everything you need to know about the slate I mean just about everything and done so in the best cliff notes way possible.  You don’t need to know every injury status report, but you need to know the important ones.  You don’t need to know it’s going to be 73 and sunny in Tennessee with no breeze, but you need to know where there are weather issues.  You don’t need to know every players ownership on every possible DFS site, but you need to know the impactful ones and the ones which offer the best leverage.  So yes, injuries, weather, ownership, pricing errors, players changing positions, whatever are the important notes we cover them all at the beginning in a quick brain dump about the slate.

I will cover what contests I feel are best to target that week if there are any changes to the pay out structure and I will address based upon ownership how your 2nd/3rd lineup should be and generally why doing 150 lineups is not what you need to be concerned with in NFL DFS.  There might also be an occasional reference to the Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl each week too.

Next up I go into my signature AMBUSH PLAYS.  This will generally be five plays each week (sometimes 4) that summarize the theme and key plays for me that week.  These are generally considered the difference maker plays that can be plugged into your lineup around the slates CORE plays.  Can you play all the Ambush plays together?  Sometimes yes, but an Ambush play isn’t just a player, it’s a theme.  The theme might be “this slate is heavy on the 4PM games, focus there”, the theme might be “We want 3 Running Backs this week NO DOUBT”, etc.  But generally this is used as a guide to help you focus and remove noise.  These also generally are the riskiest plays within the article but they offer upside and when paired with the positional breakdown should give you the highest success each week and have been what I rely upon for my 10x to 20x wins historically.

The Positional Breakdowns will highlight the top plays at each position and once again, this isnt a full list of player son the slate.  You will likely get 3 Quarterbacks, 3 Top Tier Running Backs along with the next 3-4 best plays/value and then at Wide Receiver I will indicate players into three buckets each week.  The top DUO overall, the two best plays based upon ownership and then the top value darts on the slate.  Tight End is basically play Travis Kelce or pay down, so that’s easy to explain and then we outline the top 3 defenses to consider (no more!).  I kid on the Kelce part, but uh, it’s basically true and you get the idea.

Then comes the best part of the article in my mind.  The Q&A where I answer any questions you might have sent in during the week and there are a bunch of other very quick Q&A type items that cover everything else you need to know about the slate.

All in all, you don’t need a CASH breakdown article.

You don’t need a GPP breakdown article.

You don’t need an OWNERSHIP breakdown article.

You don’t need a rankings of things to eat while watching the games article.

You don’t need a BETS ONLY article.

It’s all here in one source every week in THE AMBUSH, covering DFS on FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo.  Prop Bets, survivor picks, bets against the spread, over/unders, narrative on industry trends, narrative breakdowns on certain match-ups and games of the week, top stack of the week, top positional targets, players to AVOID, players to lock in, it’s all here and I hope you enjoy it!