Welcome to the CFB Tailgate

College Football season is back.

If you are a long time Daily Ambush Member then you know this is one of our favorite products that we have and this year the Dashboard, Optimizer and Tools are going to be expanded even further with more data and a focus on collecting injury and lineup information in a more timely fashion.

Now here is what you can expect

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Weekly DFS Article – The Tailgate

There might be a couple spot start type fill-in’s when Rob Geriak or a free agent helps out with a smaller slate article but generally you’re going to get me giving my breakdown 99.9% of the time this CFB DFS season.  So when and what can you expect?

Unlike MLB, I do cover articles for small 3 game slates when they are good during the week with College Football, like the MACtion games we get in the middle of the season and those Thursday/Friday night island slates.  But generally the premiere weekly article is for the NOON DraftKings slate each week with a little tease for the all day FanDuel slate that they run.

The CFB DFS Tailgate article will go through a breakdown of the Tier 1 games, Tier 2 games and the games we don’t really care about for DFS.

I’ll break down which Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers you need without listing the entire player pool.  Just like all the other content here, we want to give you advice that you can use to help narrow down when building a singular lineup or multi-lineup strategy rather than breaking down every single player in the player pool and confusing you.  Especially in College DFS where you probably don’t know half the names unless you are a diehard.

I’ll outline the games which I believe are the best stack spots and I’ll give out my top ‘Core’ or favorite plays each week.

Some weeks we might want to spend at WR, others we need 3 or 4 RB, sometimes we might want to fade the traditional 2-QB in the Super Flex.  All those nuggets are there.  And yes, there are betting plays as well.

The Saturday Main Slate article is posted by 8am/9am each Saturday Morning.  I wait until Sat Morning instead of late Friday night just because I want that extra overnight window to wait for late injury news.

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THE Dashboard & Tools

It’s back for another year.  The industry’s best ratings platform if I do say so myself outlining current stats for players as well as historical data for teams and their weaknesses or strengths.

Here are some things which I will be looking to ADD onto the dashboard and tools this year

  • Much improved Game Detail pages
  • I have added Twitter feeds for the beat reporters for teams (who have them) on a tab so you can maybe see if there is late news before lock on players warming up or sitting out while picking how to stack a game possibly.
  • Injury feeds refreshed during the morning on Saturday mornings right before lock (and the other slates too)
  • Improved Stacks & Game Stacks Page
  • And whatever else you request?

Everything will be improved for mobile experience as well, because like you, I tend to sit there on my ass at 3pm watching the games and want to put that 3:30 PM lineup in while wanting to double check the ratings/projections.

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Got Questions???

Do we cover Fanduel:  Yes

Do we cover Showdown:  Yes

Do we cover Bowl Season:  Are you on crack?  Of course we do.  What else are we doing in December???

Do we make fun of Clemson:  Absolutely

Anything else?  Hit me up on twitter or jump in our discord and find out.

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