AMBUSH Announcements

We have a lot of news and site updates to pass along to all of our loyal members and it’s all good as we approach what I consider to be the busy season in DFS and Fantasy.

Yes, NFL is coming and College Football got things kicked off.  Along with some NASCAR, GOLF and of course MLB we are transitioning into the very busy part of the year with NHL only a few weeks away, NBA coming after that and before you know it I’ll be cursing foul troubles in College Basketball as well.

So I think I’ll go take a trip out of the country this week and then go on another Golf trip in the end of September.

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Moving on now, we have …

Alright, Alright, yes.  I am going to be not doing any content or analysis for an entire week here.  Yes, I am the person who has basically done MLB DFS articles for multiple years straight without ever missing more than a day here or there.

Did you know that Cal Ripken’s streak ended on September 6th?  Well, mine will end on September 4th as I am going to Italy with my Italian Wife to do one of three things.  Either have a blast, start an Italian version of DailyAmbush or apply for the Italian National Mens Basketball Head Coaching job….

My money is on having a blast.

So from September 4th through September 10th, there will be no Dongers Club.  But we will have MLB DFS articles coming from Rob Geriak, Steve Marsella and Matt Wise (Wiserman).  They will have you covered and look on the bright side, you won’t be tempted to play any Royals pitchers during this stretch.

Now onto the really good news.

Our NFL Product is getting a major boost this season.  We are proud to now include Dennis Roy’s Dawghouse content for the upcoming NFL season.  Dennis and I (along with Rob at times) will be doing podcast content throughout the season as well but I am very excited to give you additional perspective each week from Dennis with his full DFS slate breakdowns going far more in depth than I.

The Ambush article will remain as well to offer my 5 favorite Ambush themes each week along with the player pool of players and the Bets that I like for each week.  Not to mention the rants of course.

But Dennis is someone who’s opinion and analysis I greatly respect and his approach along with Rob Geriak’s Stacks breakdowns and my Ambush Picks to help in SE and Tournaments this season should deliver us a fantastic NFL season.

You can expect Dennis’ breakdown on Saturdays and I am likely moving the Ambush article to either Saturday evenings or Sunday Mornings.  My original plan was to move it to Sunday’s but on second thought I think it will be Saturday evenings with Geriak’s stacks article going up Sunday mornings.

You all have been great Members and I am looking to continue to grow and improve the Ambush brand with the focus on delivering a product that is FOR the common DFS and Betting Player — YOU.

So while I am out, enjoy the Pinch Hitter content for MLB, prepare for NFL using the Dashboards and lets get ready to Agguati alla concorrenza.

Here is our upcoming NFL / CFB Content Schedule


Thu, September 1st – The Ambush NFL Season Predictions

Thu, September 8th – Opening Night Showdown w/ Geriak

Sat, September 10th – The Dawghouse – Week 1

Sun, September 11th – The Ambush


Fri, September 2nd – CFB Week 1

Sat, September 9th – CFB Week 2

And lots more!!