NFL Week 6 – The AMBUSH

Welcome to the Week 6 edition of The Ambush.


  • Cardinals RB James Conner OUT – Big impact this week on Ownership


  • Hot down in Miami
  • Great everywhere else.


  • Saints/Cardinals is on TNF next week


Playing a QB not named Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.  Simply put, that is the only logical Quarterback ‘hot take’ for this upcoming week.  The entire football world has been waiting for this game since last January and while we should enjoy it for our entertainment, we probably shouldn’t go here for DFS purposes…  Why?

Is Josh Allen gonna run two in?  If so, then yeah, he’ll do it for you.  But I don’t see it.  I don’t see this game being one where the teams are in the 40’s and I don’t see the teams even getting into the 30’s.

Buffalo’s defense is going to control the Chiefs enough and the Chiefs will force the Bills to do what other teams have done to them — dink and dunk underneath.  I was one of the only people on Allen-Davis in last years Divisional round game and it seems I am the only person off Allen-Davis this week as must owns.

Will they suck?  No.  Could you get by without them?  Yes.


Oh, so we gotta play a QB, right?  Well obviously you take Taysom Hill on DraftKings, but on …. I am joking.  Well, sort of?  Anywho, here are the guys I like.

There is no point paying up at QB and not using Allen or Mahomes, just FYI …

Jimmy Garoppolo … Really good spot for Jimmy Go to throw for 3 touchdowns against Atlanta.  It should be an easy week for him to complete a high % of his passes with Aiyuk, Kittle and Samuel all being the front runners to have big games.

Zach Wilson … Very quietly the Packers passing defense is up and down far too often.  This game has some juice in it with the Jets continuing to build upon a good run.  I expect Green Bay to gash the Jets on the ground but Wilson to have the game flow through him.




  1. Alvin Kamara … Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!  If you have played DFS for longer than five seconds you know what is going to happen in the Bengals/Saints game tomorrow and I dont wanna hear any bitching when it does.  With Michael Thomas ruled out that puts us dead square right back on Alvin Kamara to lead the Saints offense much like he did a week ago.  Oh, sure, Taysom Hill still plays on this team and he still adds the same value he has for the last 4+ seasons.  No, Taysom is not vulturing Kamara when he rushes a 60 yard touchdown and he isn’t vulturing him when its an obvious goal to go situation and they go QB power.  But Kamara still dominated last weeks game without even breaking a sweat and now in another likely close spot and one where Dalton is sure to check down to him a ton I wouldn’t be shocked if Kamara got that 100+ yard receiving game with 2 receiving touchdowns this week.  He should be the first player you click on in week 6 if you used him in week 5.
  2. Eno Benjamin … I want all the RB vs the Seahawks and with Conner out this shifts onto Eno Benjamin and at his price tag, we just take this free square and peddle right along.
  3. AJ Dillon … This should be the Dillon and Jones show for the Packers.


  1. Devin Singletary
  2. Saquon Barkley


  1. Nick Chubb



  1. JaMarr Chase … A big reason why is obviously because Marshon Lattimore is out for the Saints, but they do have other corners who can cover.  The problem I have with the Saints secondary is that the DL is giving up too many long protection plays and their communication continues to be iffy.  Throw in that Marcus Maye is back and more confusion could come in with Lattimore out and there’s gonna be one or two busted plays for Chase to take one to the house and payoff.
  2. Brandon Aiyuk … While I normally like the physical guys vs the Falcons I just have a strong gut feeling the Aiyuk outscores Deebo.
  3. Christian Kirk … Could the Jaguars and Colts wind up being the game of the day?  I think so.  I expect Indianapolis to solve some of their Jacksonville woes and make this a high scoring game which means Lawrence and Kirk have a strong bounce back week themselves.
  4. Michael Pittman … The darling at the start of the season has really been trending the wrong way and the game plan has to be to get him back on track this week.


  1. Stefon Diggs … If the Chiefs do what I think they will then Diggs will have a 10 catch day and be held out of the end zone while doing such.
  2. Elijah Moore / Corey Davis … Wilson’s gotta throw to someone to have a 20+ point game coming from behind right?  Remember the Washington (Heineike) vs Packers game last year?  Reminds me of that with Moore being this years Terry McLaurin.
  3. Jaylen Waddle … No QB, no problem?  It’s a short passing game and take it to the house spot.  The Vikings tackling is still suspect in big moments.
  4. Ju-Ju Smith Schuster
  5. Drake London


  1. Khalil Shakir
  2. Darius Slayton
  3. Olamide Zaccheaus
  4. Rashid Saheed … It sucks that Winston and Thomas are out of this game for the Saints, because there was a door opening up for play action to hit the Bengals over the top with the new speedster that New Orleans is promoting to fill in for Deonte Harty.  Saheed should return kicks and I anticipate they have a trick play up their sleeves for him this week.  He’s only to use in a BUF/KC game stack for those who ignore me.

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  1. Gabriel Davis


  1. Mark Andrews … I really like what Dennis Roy wrote about the Giants in that they really haven’t faced much at the TE position this season.  This is a great spot for the Ravens to exploit.


  1. George Kittle … A heavy amount of other options San Francisco is what prevents Kittle from a massive game unfortunately.
  2. Dawson Knox … Knox in the box baby!  This is how you crush the 2 high safety look.


  1. Any person who says Taysom Hill is not going to continue like a top 5 TE in seasonal leagues.


  1. Miami Dolphins … Bad Kirk Cousins is coming.


  1. Baltimore Ravens … Bad Daniel Jones is coming.
  2. LA Rams … PJ Walker is coming
  3. Cincinnati Bengals … Andy Dalton is …. damnit.


Question:  Who is getting overlooked this week and why is it Alvin Kamara?

Am I Wrong GIFs | Tenor

Question:  Favorite Core Plays On DK/FD for a Balanced Lineup





Question:  Favorite Pay Up Player(s) outside of the Balanced CORE

Michael Pittman

Question:  Game Stacks of the week are?

  • Jacksonville vs Indianapolis
  • Cincinnati vs New Orleans
  • San Francisco 49ers

Question:  Top Bets of the week?

Jaguars/Colts OVER 41

San Francisco -4.5

Dolphins ML

Bills -2.5

Alvin Kamara Anytime to score 2+ TD

Question:  Upsets Parlay(s)

No parlay, just a single upset pick:  Dolphins