NFL DFS Primetime: SNF-MNF Week 9

NFL Primetime Slate

  • Patriots at Ravens (SNF) … Patriots favored by 3, OU: 45
  • Cowboys at Giants (MNF) … Cowboys favored by 7, OU: 48

We have two good games on the SNF-MNF slate with two home dogs and totals in the mid to upper 40’s.  Great spots, with no weather concerns either as we get two fall weather type games in the northeast.  The highlight game will be the Pats and Ravens on SNF as the Pats look to stay unbeaten against a team that really has been the only consistent threat to them over the years since Jim Harbaugh took over in Baltimore.  The top DFS ownership game will definitely be in the Cowboys-Giants on Monday Night.



Ravens and Giants both win in upsets.



Elliot, Barkley, Ingram … Utilize a RB in the FLEX spot on this slate.  The usage and skill set for Elliott and Barkley is just too much to think about ignoring in a game that should live up to having a good amount of points and both guys will catch the ball enough to really justify using them at their prices.  But the must own on this slate for me is Mark Ingram as I look for the Ravens to try and wear down the Patriots on the ground and they will do it with their running backs and not just Lamar Jackson.  Play three RB on the primetime slate.




Jones for $1500 less than Prescott is the sharp play this week as you’ll be a fool if you do not have Barkley and Elliott in my mind.  Take the discount at QB this week and move on.

  1. Daniel Jones
  2. Dak Prescot

Running Backs

The two guys you’ll have a bad feeling not playing this week are Zeke and Barkley.  Better to spend on them and save at WR.

  1. Zeke Elliott
  2. Saquan Barkley
  3. Mark Ingram … I suspect we see Pats shift to a heavy zone with lots of DB’s on the field and the Ravens will counter with a ton of Mark Ingram.

Wide Receivers

  1. Amari Cooper
  2. Julian Edelman / Mohamed Sanu … The most likely scenario for New England is through the air this week and based on the depth at RB on the slate their RB will certainly be contrarian, but I’m taking the safe route with Edelman and Sanu.  Prefer Sanu slightly.
  3. Willie Snead
  4. Golden Tate
  5. Tavon Austin … Showdown longshot play mostly

Tight Ends

  1. Evan Engram … Has destroyed Dallas and had a good game week 1 vs them this year as well.


  1. Ravens
  2. Giants … Very Sneaky on a slate where I don’t think any D has a huge game they are a good punt salary relief play for the 2 game slate.



Pats/Ravens – Mark Ingram

Cowboys/Giants – Saquan Barkley